Friday, April 27, 2012

So far...

It has been great. We drove through Atlanta at 2:30pm.
I found a building with Cartoon Network logos on it. Might ne their headquarters.
And also a nuke missile. Well, the shell if one.

((I seriously need to fix these pictures.))

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Behind the times...

I know I'm abit behind, but the Bakuman manga ended! I... I.. I'm so happy and so sad at the same time. I knew the manga's manga was ending, but I wasn't expecting the actually manga to end too. *mindblown* It was so sweet and moving and I think I cried alittle.

I just now got to reading the stack of manga that has been waiting for me. I know Bleach is coming close to it's end too. The creator called this the last arc. Thank Goodness. Bleach is abit too drawn out.
I never want One Piece to end. EVER!! *beware of super fans*

I still have some SoulEater and FairyTail to read, but for the most part I got my top 3 done. (Bleach, One Piece, and Reborn)
I want to get back into reading Slam Dunk. That was a good manga.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So Questions Answered

So I got in contact with AnimeIsland about my order (Van of GunXSword) and they replied back.
Apparently the one they had in stock was damaged and they needed to order a new one to send me.
That is friggan awesome! I mean they have enough sense of things that they didn't send me the damaged one and though they failed to send me an email to inform me of this delay, I still feel that they did an excellent job at taking care of me. They should have it by Thursday or Friday. That means I'll have it by Sunday or Monday. Joy!

I ordered some things from a different site. (really?) Yes really.
It's called AnimeSekai. Why am I talking about it? Because they sell trading figures as singles. (really?) Yes! Really! I mean I can totally stop wasting my money on female characters I could careless about. (Because you love every male character in existence?) Sort of. Wait... no. Well, um, every male character in One Piece. ^_^
Okay, so moving on, those things should be here soon since their response time from my order was unbelievable. They had it shipping 4 hours after I paid for it. *0_0*

Also! (there is an also?) YES!!
I just remembered something... something that will interfere with friend interaction time. *sad*
Parents planned (some time ago) a family roadtrip on April 27-30. This is the weekend of Thor-IronMan-Captain movie night. *weeps* I was looking forward to watching those movies with all of you. The good news is that I will be back in time to see The Avengers on Thursday night/Friday morning, obviously. Plus, I've already seen all of the movie night movies anyways.

I'll be off at Rock City (a roadside attraction near Chattanooga, Tennessee).
It is gorgeous.
In the nature sort of way.
I'll have tons of fun, I'm sure.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Link that aren't to HLJ

But are still loaded with fandom and the spending of money.

(I can't buy any of these anyways. Not being made anymore.)

One Piece Excellent Model P.O.P NEO6 Rob Lucci

One Piece Portrait of Pirates CB-3 Child Usopp 1/8 PVC

One Piece Portrait of Pirates CB-1 Sanji 1/8 PVC

One Piece Excellent Model P.O.P 'Strong Edition' Usopp 1/8 PVC
These are available and I want some of them, but mostly just the first two.

Nendoroid Mami Tomoe
(Is $54 too much to pay for her? I want her. It's odd because I don't like Nendoroids. I really don't, but this one is just... perfect.)

Bakuman - Takagi Akito Nendoroid
(He is even more, at $75, but I want him really bad. It's hard to find male Nendoroids)

One Piece - Clay DX Figure The Grandline Men? Mr. 2 Bon
(Only $30)

One Piece Renkei Waza Figure Set
(I've never seen this set before! It's got alot of implied movement to it.)

One Piece Sanji S.H.Figuarts Action Figure
(I actually found this in several places. This one is $40.)

Rose of Versailles - Premium Figure: Oscar Silver Ver.
(Okay, so I added this in just for Jon. I can't believe that there are still figure for this.)

Sengoku Basara Revoltech - Mouri Motonari Action Figure
(I always thought this character design was neat and was pondering it before I knew what Revoltech really was.)

One Piece Log Box The Under Water Prison ImpelDown
(Oh My Gosh!! I didn't know about this Log Box. It is full of epic too.)

One Piece: Sanji S.H. Figuarts Action Figure
(See I told you. This one is $40 too.)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Why? Why do I collect things??

Well, I guess I suck at this not ordering stuff thing because out of the list in my last post...

I pre-ordered this:

Why? Well, because I'm a collector. I guess. Also I really like One Piece and the characters found within. Still thinking about that Sanji calander. I really don't want the Rob Rucci anymore. I found out how big it is. Unless I'm getting the whole collection, it would look odd.

Oh! I watched more season 2 of MLP: FiM. Got to episode 12. ^_^

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome to the Newest Installment of....

..Things Lyssa finds/wants on HobbyLink Japan(HLJ).

I know. I'm always doing this and it sort of hurts knowing that I probably won't ever buy this stuff.
(I said that last time and ended up pre-ordering some of it.)

So let us begin:

1/8 Excellent Model Mild P.O.P. Luffy & Ace
There are TWO for the price of ONE!!
I don't like it enough to commit to buying it.

1/7 D.P.C.F Chopper Western Ver. PVC
This is SO cute. I want it, but I'm not that big of a fan of Chopper. I think it's the western theme that is making me want it.

The Grandline Children: Rob Rucci
I don't quite know why I'm still hovering about this one. I might be that $30 is too much be spending on a character that I like alot more as an adult than as a child. Of course, I do like his hat and his grumpy face. (I can get that with the adult figure too.)

Eternal Calendar (New World) Sanji
I like that it is Sanji. I don't like... the steps. (I know odd.) Though I sort of prefer the steps to the other designs for these things that I have seen. This might be the one I actually end up ordering. (Who knows?) And OMG! Sanji figure of him doing something else other than just standing there. Most movement he gets are in trading figures. -_-

Figuarts Zero Roronoa Zoro (Battle Ver.)
This I would order faster than I could say "This is awesome", if it wasn't already 'order stop'. *weeps*

Chouzoukei Damashii One Piece Okugoe Rookie: 1 Box (8pcs)
I'm really thinking about ordering this one too. It is not 'order stop' for the time being. I have a feeling that will change in a day or two. I haven't so far because of the nearly $40 price tag. I need to be saving money not spending it. I don't really need it and it being 'order stop' would give me a good reason not to get it.
--Besides, I've already ordered the Styling Valiant set which contains three of these 7 characters.
(Brains is all 'Two of Trafalgar Law is not a bad thing.' Shut Up Brain!!

Well, I guess that is it.
I dub this the One Piece edition. Or something like that.
Nighty Night ^_^

Monday, April 9, 2012

Found something that Jon might like.

Yes, I spent hours wandering around HLJ. I like finding things. ^_^

Like this:

It's less than $20 before shipping. ^_^

I wish I had the money for this...

Price: 10,500yen -- that's well into the $100-130 range.

And I wish I had the time because it's a garage kit. Add in supplies and paints into the price too. *weeps*

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why am I spending money?

Yarp! I ordered the One Piece Styling Valiant guys and the HalfAge Madoka characters listed in my March 14 post.

I also order HalfAge One Piece.. (ya, another one.) and HalfAge Tiger&Bunny.

Some visuals:

These are preorders. HalfA Madoka and OP Valiant are due in June. HalfA TigerBunny and HalfA OP are due in July.

More waiting.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

People! Lupin the 3rd is Awesome!

Okay, so DVD's of Lupin the 3rd (Part 2:Red Coat) arrived today. So, of course, I start watching it. I then realize that I've seen the first episode... a few times. I watched it in English and Japanese. I.. I like both voice tracks. I kept it on English because I was multitasking while it was on. No, I can't just sit and watch something.

The only problem is that I got Disc 1,2,3,4,6,7,and 8. Notice a missing number? Yes. Five is missing. RightStuf doesn't have it. Actually, no where has it. These are all Geneon/Pioneer releases and well, those companies are dead. There is also a lack of Disc 11 on the internet. Sadness.
So, next is 9-15 (minus 11) and Discotek release of Part 1(Green Coat). That is definitely on my want list.
I sort of wonder if Part 3(Pink Coat) will ever make it's way to the US. Jigen has such odd colors for his shirt in those.

Also, this LJ post made me want to watch Pink Coat Lupin even more.

I need to go to sleep now.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wild Homura Spotted!

Okay, so I know 'someone' who has been wondering about this figma for awhile amd well, TaDa:

I found a place you can preorder it. Or you could wait till it shows up on HLJ.