Thursday, September 26, 2013

Signs of Life

So I decide to post a bunch of doodles. These start from Sept. 9 (right before my trip SouthWest).
We were watching FaceOff and the had the sub terrain prompt, so I drew a mole creature.  
When I realized that it needed to be more human-like I redesigned him.
During the flights I drew alot of him. 
A bit of a selfie.
Okay, so Lyssa doodles when talking to people and when she is tired. I was tired alot during this trip.

This set of images are all basically the same. My Aunt had this monkey beanie monkey and one morning I decided to draw it using my iPad. I did pull out my tablet pen to get better details.
I used three different programs on my iPad, so I have my progress saved. 

And that is it. Next time I'll have a sketchbook edition.