Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rambling and Junk

I really need to tell someone about an anime I just got done watching called 'Time of Eve'. It's only 6 episodes long and can be found on CrunchyRoll *here*. It can best be described as a SciFi because of the android characters in the series. It's a 'I, Robot' meets anime type thing. It even has the same 3 robot laws. I highly suggest watching it. ^_^

In other news, HOLY HELL I haven't posted here in forever. I'm so sorry. This is what I get of getting a blog with no propose. It was gonna be a mix of stuff going on in my life and art I've been doing. I sort of failed at this.

Well, I've been sketching alot. Nothing really awesome well,.... there is one new thing up on my DA (DeviantArt) *here is a link for you* It's Denmark from the Hetalia series (sometimes called APH).
He is my current obsession and broke my artist block, so I am happy.

As a most current of current things: I am sick and glad I have off today or I would have called in.