Friday, June 21, 2013

The Sharing of Photos

So, back when I got my Cobra figma I took it to Anime Day and took pictures.
I never did show them to everyone, so TaDa!

I had to edit these due to poor lighting at the time. /_\

That's it. Really. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Do I like World of Warcraft?


I love WOW. I'm not really a Alliance or Horde person. I had races that I like, they are a mixed bag.
Alliance: Draenai, Night Elf, Worgen and Pandaren
Horde: Tauren, Trolls, and Pandaren

So, ya.

Plus! I go more stuff. Shit! But I love this stuff.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Making Sense Not Needed

So as I stare at this rather white screen I feel like filling it, but with what?

NO!! ... Wait.....Yes.

Okay, um, how about things I want to buy...... that aren't figures. 
^This will be mine! I need Duke Togo on my shelf.
^I can't decide if I'm the sort of fan that would spend 550$ on a collector's box. @w@
^Jigen can be found within, so thus I must own.
^This is a wonderful, short show that I enjoyed. 
^I've never actually watched all of this before and I really want to.
^I still love this show despite my RAWRness of harem shows.
^Because owning the regular edition and the director's cut on DVD is not enough. I also need it on BD. 

And, mostly for April, I have Monday off instead of Wednesday. So SuperHero Time on Monday!

If I buy him, 

I'm gonna need to buy him. They are a set in my mind.

Okay that's it.... For now.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Movie Review

Because I can. 
I present to you:

This movie <le sigh>. 
First off, guess who my favorite character was!
If you guessed Shaggy, you'd be right.

He talks with his hands so well.

Okay, so how many people paused the movie at this screen?

Just to read all of the fun options these fools could have picked.
I'm not sure how Kevin would be scary, but whatever.
And what object released the sexy witches? Why did we not get sexy witches? 

We almost had 'The Bride', 'SugarPlum Fairy', I'm gonna guess the orb was for 'Hell Lord' and I have no clue what the film was gonna release. Oh! And Merman, but he liked the orb more. 

His face. <LOL>

So, we have Redneck Torture Zombies going around and killing normal people. Normal. 
Then this thing called a plot says, 'Don't forget about me!!' And some more stuff happens.

Needless to say, that is far more horrors than what was on the list earlier. If you had this many boxes of awesome you should at least write them all down on your epic list of doom in the beginning of the movie.

More horror movie stuff happened.

The END.

Or is it?

Maybe it was just the beginning.

Did I hate it? No.
Did I love it? No, well.... Sort of.
Was I entertained? Yes.

Anyways, thanks for looking and maybe reading my small review of 'Cabin in the Woods'. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Life is Rather Boring

Big In Japan changed the release date!!! RAWR!

Been ordering stuff from Mandarake again. Bad Lyssa!
I now have POP Sogeking.... YAY!!
And Nendoroid Gackpoid is also mine.
And I have POP Sanji Strong Edition shipping as I type.

Also! She said joyfully.

I understand now!!!!!!