Thursday, October 25, 2012

Interest Increased

So, Lyssa was looking for videos of Kamen Rider W's Nasca Dopant and found this
video :link:.
This makes me REALLY want to watch Kamen Rider W now. >u< Um, small warning, video appears to be from re-cap episode, but it is really cute and worth watching.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Things That I Actually Want

There is a vast difference between the things I actually want and the things that just spark an interest. Most of the time the links I post are just interesting things. Things I never really plan on buying.

The probably is that I found things on AmiAmi up for preorder that I actually WANT. Things that actually cost ALOT of money. Sad.
I also found things that I WANT on Mandarake, but alas, those things more on and off of that website like water. Sad.

So, I actually want:
Alter - AnoHana - Menma Complete Figure 6,980 JPY [:link:]
After watching a few episode of this anime I found that I really like her character and this model is OMG good.

Max Factory - 7th Dragon 2020 - Samurai (Katanako) Complete Figure 7,250 JPY [:link:]
I have no clue what 7th Dragon 2020 is or who she even is. With that said I got to say that the style, color, attitude, pose, armor on her arm, and hair all have me amazed.

MegaHouse - M.M.S. Collection - Fate/Zero: Rider 1/8 Complete Figure 7,860 JPY [:link:]
I think I've been drooling at this since I first saw it. I don't really know this character. I know what he is from (how can I not?), but never watched it. He is big and manly and *meow*

Kotobukiya - ARTFX J: Vash the Stampede Complete Figure 7,560 JPY [:link:]
I love Vash. Always wanted a nice figure of him. TaDa! Awesome figure was made. Why are all the things I want being released around my birthday? It's gonna be mid February when they arrive.

This is already preordered by me.
Bandai - Episode of Characters - ONE PIECE BOX 3,260 JPY [:link:]
Never have I liked every single figure of a trade figure box. NEVER. Only thing that would make it better is if they added Sanji for kicks.

Dive - Treasure On Desk Figure act.1 -Tsuiseki- Lupin the 3rd & Jigen Complete Figure 3,780 JPY [:link:]
I got this because I am Lyssa. Nothing else needs to be said.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Something Different

Sort of.

Before Watchmen Rorschach Statue
Not gonna buy him, but dear goodness is it awesome looking.

Ashita no Joe Fighting Damage Version Statue
Fairly sure that I won't be buying him, but WOW!

Adventures of Tintin Tintin and Snowy Statue
WAY TO MUCH MONEY! But I couldn't pass it without posting a link.

This wasn't different at all.
I need to make a post for Friday and Sunday. Those days were bloody awesome.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Don't Know.

Nendoroid Petite Uta no Prince-sama
Only ¥4700 Read as about $60. -_-

7th Dragon 2020 - Samurai (Katanako)
Only ¥7205 Why is this such a neat looking figure?

Persona 4: One Coin Grande Figure Collection
This time it is ¥6000. Still too much money to be spending.

Kosaka Kyosuke Dating Ver.
Here we go. The figure that got me to this site of goodies. He is ¥5500 and probably the most bored looking dude I've ever seen as a figure. For some odd reason I love it.

Chara Cute Pretty: Saori Bajeena
At only ¥1,200 this is well, a non-femi female. I think.

I'm gonna go play WOW now. So that I stop doing this.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

so BORED!!

Here! Have some links. :P

Death Note: Final Scene Series Ryuk Statue

Lamento: Beyond the Void Bardo PVC Statue

Kamen Rider 555: Wolf Orphnoch

Gurren Lagann R-Style Mini Trading Figure Yoko

Nendoroid Mashiro Moritaka
Does my desire for this equal $80? I'm not sure.

Nendoroid Takagi Akito
Here is the other half of the duo for $70.
Together they are $150 minus shipping. *weeps*

Found another place that sells split Gashapon boxes. MugenToys

Tenchi Muyo Ryoko Figure ~ McFarlane

It doesn't look like this place updates often, but the selection found on their eBay is good. House of Anime

Portraits Of Pirates Strong Edition: Sanji This place still has these!! O_o

Pokemon Evolution Model Kit Torterra Look at that Pikachu! So Cute!

Pokemon Model Kit Collection Entei This is one of my favorite Pokemon.

Pokemon Evolution Model Kit Enbuoh

Zoids - Shadow Fox

K-On! Sega Prize PVC Figures This Yui is sort of on my wishlist. $35 isn't so bad right?

This is like a mash up for 3 days of browsing the internet. Why do I keep doing this?