Saturday, September 29, 2012

So, YAY!!!

As you can probably guess, I got/unboxed Shizuo today. Yay!
I posted some other pictures on Facebook.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

In Other News

I found a link to a site that contains something I love.
Windstone Figurines

I still love most of the things found there. Too expensive.... well, most of it. The paint your own ones are cheaper. ^_^

Also, really moving. Really have to pack. I really hate packing and moving.
November 1st is when we officially start living at our new apartment.

=_= (tired)

Next day: Sort of out of money. Can't spend money on things even if I wanted too. This weeks pay needs to go into my savings because that is nearly dead. T~T
I hate bills and students loans. *RAWR*

Monday, September 10, 2012

Are you sick of seeing links yet?

Q Power One Piece Strong World ZORO
US$40.41 - Not sure this is worth $40 for me.

US$32.08 - This might be worth $32 for me. I really want that Sanji.

Q Power One Piece Strong World Usopp
US$40.41 - Same price as the first one, but I would definitely buy Usopp over Zoro.

P.O.P. One Piece New World `Sailing Again` Usopp
US$90.45 - Not cheap. He is one of my "One day I shall own you" figures.

And that's pretty much all I found from that one shop that I wanted. Sad.

Banpresto DX Figure: Kamen Rider Fourze
$20 - A little Captain can go a long way.

Fist of the North Star, Ultimate Scenery Vol.2, Raoh
US$13.50 - I just now realized how big this figure is. He is 30cm tall... that is almost 12 inches. This actually decreases my want for it.

1/1 Cobra Psycho Gun (Black color)
Out of Stock - Why didn't I know about this sooner?

Okay. I'm gonna go start reading JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. I looked at some Gyro Zeppeli pictures and now I really need to read this awesome shit.
Why does his f-ing teeth say Go! Go! Zeppeli ? So ugly.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

If I could I would, but I can't so I won't

Galaxy Express 999 Chouzou
$48.99 - I still want these, but I don't need these.

Black List Collection No.1 Tessyo Kawachi with Autograph
$29.99 - I actually really want this now. Even though I've never wanted it before.

Fist of the North Star Premium Figure Ultimate Scenery Raoh
$29.99 - I can't help but be impressed by this figure.

Gurren Lagann Teacher Yomako Figure
$89.99 - I won't mind having a teacher Yoko figure. It's not in my budget though.

K-ON! Extra Figure Yui Hirasawa
$29.99 - Still one of the cutest figure of her in my opinion.

Lupin the 3rd - Treasure On Desk Figure(Lupin&jigen)
$101.99 - This place still has one! OMG! Need!

S.H. Figuarts - R Nasca Dopant Exclusive
US$70.74 (JPY5,560) - This is still available. It looks really cool but I have no clue what it is from. It's a villain from Kamen Rider W.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I might be bored

Welcome to another edition of things Lyssa finds on the internet.

Berserk - Figma Guts Berserker Armor ver.
For the Berserk lover in my life.

Rebuild of Evangelion : Q - Souryu Asuka Langley

Nendoroid Petit Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% (box of 8)
I don't know the show, but these dudes are SO cute. Of course all Nendoroids are cute in one way or another.

Master Stars Piece Kaburagi T. Kotetsu
The Master Stars Piece figure of him is available now. Plus, it's fairly cheap (compared to other figures).

One Piece - SCultures vol.2 (set of 2)
I don't need this, but it look so cool.... to me.

Chopper Premium Figure Halloween 2012
I think this is cute, in that Halloween is for kids sort of way.

Nendoroid Kusagawa Sasara Valkyrie ver. & Nendoroid Petit Maryan
Not quite sure but my brain, in all of it's tiredness, wanted me to add this to the post. ya....