Friday, May 29, 2009

Genshiken Tampa - Anime Club

After a long day of setting up the club blog, finishing the club logo, and making flyers to let the members know about the blog; I then went to the club.
I bought drinks and chips on my way there. I'm glad that there were no leftovers. Everyone loved the snacks.
We had a total of 9 people come. All long standing members of the club.
We watched:
Full Metal Panic Ep. 21
His and Her Circumstances Ep.1
Yu Yu Hakusho Ep. 56 (Dark Tournament)
Emma Season 2 Ep. 7
Fist of the North Star Preview
Ergo Proxy Ep.1
Detective Loki Ragnarok Ep.1
Count of Monte Cristo Ep. 1 and 2
Macross Ep. 1 and 2

Alot of those first episode showings are new to the lineup due to the lack of a movie this week.
I vote for more Monte Cristo. ^_^

Please check out the club blog at: