Thursday, June 25, 2009

MetroCon Report

MetroCon was a wacky mix of madness and fun. This year I focused on going to events and panels. Which is sad because I didn't really stop to talk to anyone around me. I sort of regret it now. Next year is gonna be the "screw panels" year.
On the first day I missed opening ceremonies because of the registration line. It was done rather stupidly this year. The could have split the line at some point to make it move faster. I'm loving the steampunk theme. Alot of really awesome costumes that I didn't take pictures of. D:> I sort of left my camera in the car. I got it after we moved our stuff to the hotel room. I did pleasure my need for art panels and Scott McNeil this year. Scott is a blast to listen too. I could listen to his jabbering for hours. ^_^ I did go to Friday night's rave thing. I never did get in the groove and eventually left.
On Saturday I barely got to the chessmatch on time. Sat abit far from the stage. I still understood what was going on. The ending was mad crazy. I really don't see what Darth Vader has to do with anime, since I'm really mostly an anime fan. I do like Star Wars, but it's not what I go to the chessmatch to see. D:<>:D
Woke up late on Sunday. We didn't do much on Sunday. Some dealers room, some chessmatch encore, some Voice Actor panels, some AMV watching. Left before closing ceremonies.

I'm not really sure if I was totally happy with this year. The chessmatch was the beginning of a new arc, so it seemed abit filler-ish in plot. I didn't really look at the artist alley, which is sad because I am an artist. I could have done without waiting in line. I should have wandered in after the line disappeared. Alot of things I probably told myself last year, but didn't remember to fix this year.

On a side note. I now feel like making AMVs. I meet AnimeBella at the hotel during breakfast. It's interesting talking to someone that is a known video editor. She was actually a guest for the convention. I'm even more happy to be able to speak to her frankly.

So that was my experience from MetroCon. I will be putting pictures on my photobucket soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


It's back to work with me.
My 10 day vacation is over.

During my vacation I enjoyed Busch Gardens... twice.
The tigers new place is my favorite place to go. ^_^
I always take tons of pictures when I'm there.
My second fave place is Jungala.
I get the most exercise from that place. ^_^

I already made a post about the club meeting.
I missed it so much and I'm so happy it's back.
I am also honored to be the logo designer and
blog managers. Though a few of them were wondering why we need a blog.
I think it's an important way to keep everyone on the same page.

Other than those things I just basically relaxed.

Now I need to request off for MetroCon. So soon after my vacation. '^A^

Friday, May 29, 2009

Genshiken Tampa - Anime Club

After a long day of setting up the club blog, finishing the club logo, and making flyers to let the members know about the blog; I then went to the club.
I bought drinks and chips on my way there. I'm glad that there were no leftovers. Everyone loved the snacks.
We had a total of 9 people come. All long standing members of the club.
We watched:
Full Metal Panic Ep. 21
His and Her Circumstances Ep.1
Yu Yu Hakusho Ep. 56 (Dark Tournament)
Emma Season 2 Ep. 7
Fist of the North Star Preview
Ergo Proxy Ep.1
Detective Loki Ragnarok Ep.1
Count of Monte Cristo Ep. 1 and 2
Macross Ep. 1 and 2

Alot of those first episode showings are new to the lineup due to the lack of a movie this week.
I vote for more Monte Cristo. ^_^

Please check out the club blog at:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random Events to be Had...

I haven't posted in weeks!
I'm really bad at this blog things. *sweat drop*

Thursday 4-16
I went to a banquet thing celebrating my 5 year anniversary for working at the same place for those years. Other people were getting their 5, 10, 15 or even 20th anniversary. Yikes! I hope to be long gone before 10 years. Why I even stayed there for 5 is beyond me.
I got photos from the event and of the clock I picked from a catalog. It ticks and tocks all night long. >_<

Tuesday 4-21
The week before my teacher of Tuesday class was talking with my classmates about skateboarding and I guess he (the teacher) use to skateboard in his past. On this Tuesday I can in to find my teacher with a fractured bone for an arm.
He says, "I guess I'm to old to be skateboarding." ;P Geez.
** Today his arm was still bothering him, so he's probably gonna go see a doctor tomorrow.

Wednesday 4-22 (Earth Day)
So much happened on this day!
I know I'm really behind on my report things. Gah!
Note to all: When going to doctors, taking parents is just asking to be embarrassed.
Ya. -_- Stupid me.
So after doctors I went searching for my missing sister. She went out for an Earth Day walk before I left for my appointment and when I got back she was still gone. Worried!!
I and my dog, Kayla, went out looking for her. I went to all of the peaceful outdoor spots I could thing of, which ,of course, are a decent hike for where I live. I was out for a good hour and a half before I was found and told that she came home. -_- She was over at a friends house playing board games. -_- I walking alot on Earth Day. ^_^

On way home dog nearly torn off one of my finger nails when she saw a cat. I thought she was as worn out as I was... obviously not. -_-

On a way way way off side question:
Who the hell is Craig and why on earth does he need a list?
** Doctors office had news on. There are killers on this "Craig's List".
(I joke. :P)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Great Easter (so far)

Early in the day I went to parents place for lunch. It was very yummy pulled-pork that was so soft a toothless person could eat it. That's what 12 hours in the slow-cooker will do.
Sadly my mom still had to go to work today. Or maybe it should be oddly my work place was closed today? Meh. Watched tv with my dad and sister. Then me and dad bathed the dog. It was fun.
Kayla-girl got such puffy hair afterward. I took some photos of it because it looked so funny.
Kayla spent a good two hours grooming herself afterward.

I went home to do chores that I've been putting off. What better time than on a day that I have no work, right?
Not much of an Easter person. I ate some Easter cookies that a co-worker made for everyone and spent time with family. All in all a really good day (so far).
I'll probaby edit this post with stuff later day as it happens.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have updated my profile.

I was gonna do an intro post, but found that the profile is a nice tool for doing such a thing.

If you'd like to know a bit about my interest, fave movies or even my zodiac sign; then please take a look.

If not than, I guess you can figure out plenty of things from what I type. ^_^

Everything appears normal...

I had a very productive day. I got some communication between me and the owner of Klyptic Studios (the studio that I'm working for in my free time). He likes all of my ideas on improving the studio's website. I am currently making a logo for the company. From what I can see the studio mostly works on website design. My part at the studio is concept artist. Yay.

Also, after my college class I went to a workshop by one of my teachers. It was really enjoyable and useful. I'll have plenty to experiment with for awhile.

I will see to adding some of my art on here for all to see.
I am abit of a show-off.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The First Day.....ur, Night

Okay, so I got a hair up my butt and decide to make one of these as a journal sort of thing.
Nothing super personal, just stuff about going to Busch Garden, working on my drawings, posting photos I take of stuff, and etc. Just normal stuff. I have a really boring life. I don't expect many people to even notice me.

The blog title is pending.....hopefully I have the power to change it when I really decide what I'm doing here.

Oh! An introduction might help. I'll make one and post it later.