Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Toe is Fine

Or something like that.

Just sort of bored and have this need to write.

I like the show "Sons of Anarchy". I'm about half way through season one and I don't hate it. I have liked every episode so far actually.
I'm not gonna fan-gasm here again like I did for Crows X WORST. Just saying, I like it... alot.

No list of links today either.
I need to focus on not buying anymore. Another wave of bills is due soon. Yay! Bills!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I think I broke my Toe

And other things that happen to me.

Well, about my toe.. I stumbled into a wall in my apartment, sort of hurt like normal and then left the house. It didn't stop hurting. Got home to find a black and blue toe. Just one though and it's my bloody middle toe. How does that even happen? I hit the friggan wall with my whole damn foot, how does only one toe get fucked up?

Anyways, the point of the post. Dropping HLJ links for later.

1/12 Honda Gorilla by Aoshima
I really really really want to put together more model kits and I don't care much for Gundam mechs, so motorcycles!

1/12 Suzuki GSX400FS Impulse 1982 by Aoshima

1/12 Suzuki GSX1100S Katana by Tamiya

1/12 Yamaha Virago XV1000 by Tamiya

1/12 Kawasaki GPZ900 Ninja Chosuke (Kirin) by Aoshima

1/12 Yamaha SR500 1996 Model by Aoshima

HLJ just died on me. To AmiAmi!
Crows and WORST Flashback Generation Dokuro no Keifu Hen - Takumi Fujishiro [Regular Edition]

Crows and WORST Flashback Generation Dokuro no Keifu Hen - Shogo Murata [Regular Edition]

Crows and WORST Flashback Generation Gaiden - Yoshimi Kiyohiro ROLL,ROLL,ROCK! Gaiden 2011 [Limited Edition]

Crows and WORST Flashback Generation Tamshii no Kizuna! Arc - Yoshimi Furukawa [Regular Edition]

Tetsuo Kawachi Regular Edition B (Shirt Ver.) Crows WORST Flashback Generation

Crows WORST Flashback Generation Those Who Carry the Next Generation Arc Gunji Iwashiro Regular Edition

Hajime no Ippo THE FIGHTING! New Challenger - Ippo Makunouchi Real Figure [w/First Production Bonus] (New Price Edition)(Released)

Crows and WORST TFOA Styling by TETSUO KITAHARA BLACKTOP "Yoshimi Kiyohiro"

I think I'm done. Time to play WOW.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Too Much?

Well, I made my stack to take with me today.
Everyone might not want to watch all of them, but I can try.
I was asked to bring Berserks. I don't mind, I love Berserk. (Says the person that only got to disc 4 of 6.)

I might also bring my portable harddrive and see what I can show from there. ^_^

This will be fun. *hug*

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A bit of Anime Watching was Done

Okay, so I went and watch the first episode of some of the anime that was interesting to me (and that I could find) when we did that whole watch the opening thing last Thursday.

Now, I can say that we must watch Space Brothers and Tsuritama. They are both amazing in their own way. (Yes, I only watched one episode.)

I also watched Bodacious Space Pirates, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to watch more of it.
And Phi Brain, which is actually more than sort of interesting. It's a 'have to watch more to see if I like it' sort of anime.

In other news, I downloaded the Crows Zero movies, but the first one is in avi (the quality sucks) and I didn't check the format of the second movie yet. Was too tired last night.

Gonna go watch them now. See Ya!