Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forming a Plan

Shortly I plan on posting a LONG entry here about my MetroCon experience. I'll most probably have images going along side text. (joy)

While at MetroCon I lost my iPod Touch. I am very sad and angry (at myself).
I made a CraigsList lost posting here:

If it can be returned to me it would be great. If I can save up money and get newest iPod Touch that would be even better.
I've fallen back to using my iPod Nano Gen 4.
I think it killed my PC. I went to update iTunes and now my network connection is dead.
It says that there are zero networks available. So, I moved over to my Mac who is connected to the network. My IT guy (aka my dad) is busy till Saturday. Then I'm busy. RAWR!

Enough ranting. Till next time.

Friday, July 16, 2010

After Inception Viewing

Are you sure you're not dreaming right now?

I seriously don't want to spoil any of this movie for anyone. It was such a fantastic movie in every way. I suggest it for people that liked Bladerunner, The Matrix, and even Minority Report. For a little bit my head was in a spin, but I just got use to the sensation because there isn't a second of this movie that is wasted. Even the beginning that seems totally out of place is, by the end, put into place.
GAH! Just go see for yourself. Oh! And you may want to make time to see it twice, if you get the finer that is.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inception Tonight

I am so excited. Can't wait till 12am.
I'll edit this post after the movie.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Choose Life of Anime Watching

So I think I know which anime I liked the most out of the three from my last post. My brain is going with Giant Killing. It just so awesome in a soccer sort of way. I watched episodes 3-6 today. That's 4 episodes. I love this show!!

I also want to watch more of the other two. Maybe I'll find the time to watch them.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Anime- The Truth of my Addiction

I downloaded a few first episodes of three anime not too long ago and finally got to watching them today.

The first being:
Working- {link} It is about a group of people working at a restaurant. They are a very strange group of people. It is very cute and funny. One of my friends will hate it because it is "moe". He hates moe for some darn reason. I think it is cute.

Giant Killing- {link} This is a soccer anime! I can't say that I love sports anime but I don't hate it. The art style is um, odd. I want to watch more. It can ride the wave of my current WorldCup phase. I can't find episode 2 on YouTube. Anyways, it's about an old player of the ETU team coming back after playing in England to manger the ETU team. He was the star player, but he comes off a fairly lazy guy.

Now for the oddest one yet:
Arakawa Under the Bridge- {link} This is just so very strange that I'm at a lost on how to describe it. I actually watched the second episode too because it was just that interesting. So there is this guy that we are gonna call Ric because that's how the subbers shortened Recruit. Anyways, this guy lives his life by the rule of not being in debt EVER. So one day this odd girl saves his life, next thing he knows he's living by the river under a bridge and now the lover of this strange girl. Obviously something that must be watched.

My search for a Durarara {link} replacement is going well. (^∇^)
I can see my self watching all three.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Day Out

I need to stop having a social life. It's interfering with my life of responsibilities. Not that I hate spending time with my friends. I just also really like the time I spend by myself.
This rant is not important.

On to what I did today... I spent time with my friends. I mean it is anime day. I took the movie Summer Wars {link} with me. You haven't heard of it? Look it up! It's one of the best movies I've seen this year. Grant it I'm saying these right after seeing Last Airbender.
It was a rather different type of movie in both the visual and story sense.
Imagine: Math wiz boy is tricked into spending four days in the country side by the most popular girl in his school. She needed a boyfriend to present to her Great GranMa. While there he unknowingly releases a terrible A.I. program onto the virtual reality world of OZ. This virtual world runs almost everything in the real world. So by the end our math wiz is saving the world and getting the girl. It was friggan amazing. And even if it seems like I told you a lot, I haven't nearly exposed the iceberg this movie really is. So emotional and epic. A must watch for EVERYONE!

So that was fun. Getting home at 1AM was unexpected. My friend wanted to raid the music in my portable harddrive. In all fairness I got music from her too.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Avatar movie review

Pre: I wrote a thing here before the movie and was hoping it would still be here after the movie. It didn't. Saw the movie with April, Dwayne and John. Ran into Brian and Ms. Anna afterwards.

Post: The need to kill Shyamalan raising. This really could have been an awesome movie, if not for a few glaring flaws. The butchering of the characters names being the most obvious one. The cut up feeling of the film. It really felt like we got the in- production version. The characters lack of development and emotion. The *twitch* casting.
Over all a very awkward feeling movie and I hope it fails to get money so that they don't make anymore. Though I know it will because of the name and I know they will. It's just how this world works.

I may watch this with my family which is better than Clash of the Titans.