Thursday, December 29, 2011


Im finding it hard to find stuff to write about here because I usually tell my friends everything I want to tell my friends when I see them.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Internet!

What a FANTASTIC day! After making breakfast, grabbing a coffee and setting up the camera to video mode; we started. I don't remember what order I opened everything up in. The video knows, but I do not. So, here is just a list (I know boring)::

- Camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ40) <3
- Samsung BluRay player
- Revoltech Jigen <3
- One Piece LogBox Marineford Arc (OMG! Do I have a story for you.)
- Fushigi Yugi DVD Disc 4-7 (I don't have 1-3, so this shall be interesting.)
- Owl Bookends
- Owl Hand Puppets (Huge!)
- Mom and sis made a stand for said puppet
- Owl Mug
- Owl children book (gonna try translating into Japanese)
- Raccoon pinecone thing (not really a pinecone)
- Portable speakers for my IPod (after testing I can say they are really good)
- two BustedTees Tee Shirts
- a cute Neko cat bag
- a rock that has "create" etched into it
- I got a new cat carrier for my old fart Sheba (it's sort of mine)

Okay! Story time. So the One Piece "blind" boxes actually contained one extra piece in each box, making a seventh figure. There were 6 possible figure to get and six boxes. I was thinking I was gonna get double and be unable to have a finished seventh figure, but..... BUT!
As I opened them I was 1 for 1,  2 for 2 and so forth. I soon had 6 open boxes with 6 different figures and one complete seventh figure. I screamed with joy like someone completely too obsessed with plastic figures. Can you guess which one was the bonus seventh?

They are all so epic. I love it.
This also brings me tons of joy.

At some point I switched to taking pictures with my new camera and I haven't transferred those pictures onto my computer yet. They are mostly of Jigen in many poses and my cats because I love my cats damn it.

Sadly, I didn't get any BluRays to play on my new player, while my sister got The Lion King and Jurassic Park both on BluRay. D:>

That is all.... I think. Later.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ha Ha Ha

That link in the previous post was meaning to be an Instagram picture of the package under the tree. Guess I need to do more HTML to make it work. To much work to do on an IPod.

My HobbyLink Japan Package

It has finally arrived. Expect a full report of my finds after (or even on) Christmas.

Edit: Image fixed. ^_^

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Well, ya, that's a lot of money

"You sent a payment of ¥5,669 JPY to HobbyLink Japan.
 That includes shipping and handling of ¥2,563 JPY."

Thank You Paypal for letting me know.
That is $72.9104 in my currency. Lovely. *cries inside*

My only hope is that it arrives after Christmas.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Just When I Thought I Had Money...

...I go and spend it all online (at HobbyLink Japan).

So close to Christmas! Why am I spending money on myself?

See!!  See what you made me do! (You know who you are.) That Jigen was just too tempting and those are trading arts One Piece figures... *dies* A box of 6 randomly packaged figure from one of my favorite arcs in One Piece.

This cost me  ¥3,106. Not including shipping which will probably be another ¥3,000.  *internal cry*

I'm gonna love this figures so much. I'll sell off any repeats when it comes to the trade arts figures.

I originally wrote this post on my iPod, but when I went to add pictures it crashed and lost my entry. That is why the pictures were taken with a camera.