Friday, January 25, 2013

I Guess I'm Not Dead

Those who know me know I'm not dead. I was just over at Jon's yesterday watching anime. Actually the only people that follow me are the people that know me.

Opps. Got to go. I'll be back later to edit and babble more.
Yay! It's later. Like the next darn day. I totally forgot what I was gonna write about.
I sorta wanted to post links, but it's Mandarake and they sort of disappear when I post them here.
Of course, they disappear if I don't post about them too. /_\

Angel Breeze Miku

SecretBase Cure- Skull

Miku Append

Lupin the 3rd with awesome car

eyeup - Kamina
If money grow on trees, this would be mine.

McFarlane Kaneda with bike

FamilyMart Miku
Why? Why is money so hard to get?

POP Sogeking <3 World Collection Paulie

Miku VN02Mix

Figma Dead Master
Yep. Probably never gonna get her, but continue to wish for her.

That should be enough for now. Gotta get ready for work. ^_^