Tuesday, February 21, 2012

*foams at mouth*

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time for Me to Bitch About my Life

So, you know how I couldn't login to get my Sunday shift on Saturday night right?
Well, I got up a t 9am, called and BULLSHIT! I had a f-ing 10am shift that day. I had to get ready super fast.
Then, I had a closing shift on Monday, which sucked (like always). Those bastards left chocolate covered stuff in the sink I use to clean trays at night, plus the there was burnt bread crumbed up like croutons in the trash bin without a bag. I left that shit there. I left at 11:20-something. RAWR! Then after staying so late that night I had another bloody 10am shift today.

The good news is that today was my last day of work till after MegaCon. YAY! Tomorrow is prep day because Thursday is fun day. It's coming up much faster than I wanted. I'm gonna have to made due with the money in my savings account for these event because I didn't get to filing my taxes in time. I know how much my refund is, so I just need to not spend that much. @w@

I got back into reading Homestuck. I wasn't paying attention to it and didn't notice it's return for it's break. I enjoyed reading it back to current and got sad when there was no more for me to read.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

MovieNight: Film for the Smart

I don't think I can go to sleep without writing something about the movie I just watched, Drive. So, I shall.

Within the first 5 minutes I knew Drive was gonna be a good movie. It didn't treat the audience like a group of dumb-asses. It let itself tell the story. The protagonist wasn't gabbing his mouth off about what he was doing or why. It just happened. This thing called storytelling happen and well, that's bloody rare these days. I really like how the story played out too. My compliment to the writer of this movie and probably the writer of the book it was based on. Note to self: read said book.

With all this praise all on the table, the chance of me buying Drive is actually really low. It has something and it also doesn't have something and I can't put my finger on it. So for the most part, a fantastic movie that I really what to read now.

I was tired when watching and also while writing this.
My fave thing I said during the movie was:
"There is this place called a hospital. Drive yourself there."
"There are stabs that one can live from and stabs that one can not live from. You are lucky enough to be the one who lives."

I actually tried really hard not to talk during the movie because Jon loves it so much. My sleepiness got the better if me during the end.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Friends! I added more. XP Now I'm to 89 figures on there. I have about 7 that I can't find on there.
I didn't realize I have so many. "@w@"

Convention of 2012

I've been a convention go-er since 2002. So this year makes my 10 years of going to a convention.
In the beginning it was JaCon, in Orlando. It was started by an anime club from a university over there. It was cool. And for many years I really enjoyed it. Then, 'someone' (read as my ex) told me about a much closer convention called MetroCon. Other than it being closer it also had this 'Anime Human Chess Match' that was/is human chess with cosplay elements. All the years have connecting story plots and such. It's down fall is the dealers room for me. Alas, it may be bigger than JaCon, but the content is very poor. I've had enough of being disappointed with the same old merchandise. That and since I left 'someone' it just feels boring there now.

This year I am once again changing it up. This years is MegaCon! I moving back to Orlando conventions. (Joy!) The appeal to this one is EVERYTHING! It has anime, yes, but it also has science fiction, and comics. *doki doki* I'm gonna be saving $40 to have a photo with Breat Spiner. *big fan* I also what to see how the dealers room is. I hope I'll be able to find awesome stuff.

So, I've got a hotel room, ticket and time off. I need to do my taxes so that I have more spending money. (I sort of doubt I'll get my refund in time though.)